Bay Area Employee Benefits and Health Insurance, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, CA

If you are a business owner and looking for Employee Benefits and Health Insurance, my advice is to find a GOOD Independent Health Insurance broker that ONLY does Employee Benefits and Health Insurance. I can talk all day about how great we are, and go on and on, but realistically, if you have a great agent….stay with them. A good agent should be able to not only strategize your Employee Benefits, but also show you how to INCREASE your Employee Benefits and Health Insurance at the same time! At Brauer Insurance, we are the leaders when it comes down to the CVS mindset…Compliance, Value, Strategy.

Employee Benefits and Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune…it really doesn’t!! And, I can prove it! Many of our employer groups have embraced our unique strategy and have been wildly successful, AND at the same time, increased benefits for their people. At Brauer Insurance we believe in the CVS concept….Compliance, Value, Strategy. Bay Area Employee Benefits can not only be affordable but comprehensive AND not break the bank.

A good Employee Benefits broker will tell you that COMPLIANCE is vitally important nowadays, especially with ObamaCare coming up in just a few months. Your broker should be helping you with all of your compliance needs that small and large companies have NOW, not only in 2014. Compliance such as the Dept of Labor and IRS requirement that ALL employers have their plan SBCs and SPDs on hand for all employees. If you are unsure what an SBC or SPD is…that is not a good thing, especially if the DOL comes into your business and requests to see them.

Bay Area Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for businesses can be obtained for way less money than most employers think. The employer’s contribution towards these plans start at about $75. Dental plans are super inexpensive too. A good dental plan begins at about $50 a month per employee….for $2000 of yearly dental benefit. Vision plans are about $10 a month too…VSP a little more.

These kinds of Bay Area Employee Benefits and Health Insurance are invaluable to employees and “prospective” employees. Typically they are even more important to folks than the actual salary.

We can help….Brauer Insurance specializes in Bay Area Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for small and medium sized companies with 2-500 employees. We ARE one of the top agencies in the Bay Area and were voted in the top 1000 Insurance agencies in the United States.

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