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Medicare for all sounds good, but not so good when you break it down on ROI

Medicare for all is the newest buzzword these days.  Putting ...
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Government looking for ways to end the Cadillac Tax on employers, part of the current ACA….more taxes

There is wide support to repeal the current ObamaCare (ACA) ...
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HR Directors to employers: Here is what employees want with their Employee Benefits

Whether you’re a Millennial or Baby Boomer, employees pretty much ...
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Small Business Employers offering Group Benefits at all time high

CA Employers are offering Group Health Insurance and Benefits to ...
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3D Illustration.  Hashtag Me too in red letters on white background as trending social-media movement against sexual harassment with the male and female symbols

More requirements for Small Business owners, and HR Managers

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Is Now Required With recent changes ...
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Insurance companies NOT hurting for money….record profits this year

Even though I’m an Independent Insurance Broker, I am not ...
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Parental Bonding policies for employers, are they discriminatory?….most are

Think that dads deserve the same amount of time for ...
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Association Health Plans for businesses…..California Democrats say NO

The Trump Administration released rules that would make it easier ...
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Employees enrolling into HSA compatible Health Plans continues to grow, here’s why

Since 2004, the concept of using an #HSA has been ...
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Strategies Small Business employers use to set up Employee Benefits for their employees

Small Business owners are setting up #EmployeeBenefits for their employees ...
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How about employers that want to give employees $$ to go out and buy their own Health Insurance, not so fast!

It used to be that employers would give their employees ...
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Larger employers may get relief from the ACA if new measure passes

The “Save American Workers Act, (HR 3798) will be voted ...
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Trump still battling ObamaCare, no change in number of unisured with Trump at POTUS in 2017

According to the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, the first ...
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ACA Employer Mandate and Pay or Play may be going away, possibly retroactively! Employers are cheering

I would not celebrate yet…but H.R. 4616 would basically shut ...
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Short term written on a speechbubble

Short Term Plans for CA…probably not going to happen thanks to CA Democrats

Even though Trump is allowing Short Term plans to come ...
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