Where do you find an INSURANCE agent YOU CAN TRUST!?

Where you need to start is to figure out what kind of insurance you’re looking for. If you have a specific type of insurance you need, I would suggest going to a broker who deals strictly with THAT TYPE of insurance you are looking for. For example Steve Brauer, here in Silicon Valley -Almaden – San Jose, California, is known for being extremely well rehearsed in individual, small group, and large group health insurance. He has other brokers working with him who he trusts to handle his customers that need Medicare, traveling insurance, and anything supplemental.

If you need help looking for any type of Health Insurance come to us! We even have a broker working with us now who does COMMERCIAL INSURANCE. John Bills is great with:  General Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, Tools & Equipment, Errors & Omissions, Directors & Officers, Bonds and so many more. So call us if you have a question about anything!

Visit our website  https://www.brauerinsurance.com/

Our number is 408-421-5555. Don’t forget to ask for Steve! 🙂

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