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For those of you who don’t know us personally, I would like to tell you a bit about our office and what we do.  Steve Brauer (my dad) started the business about 8 years ago.  He was a sergeant for Santa Clara police for nearly 30 years.  He decided to get into health insurance because a family friend who lives in San Jose mentioned the insurance industry needed professionals who knew what they were doing.  Steve decided that he wanted to dive into Health Insurance (medical, vision, dental, supplementary, etc.).  “Too many people out there try to do everything, that’s why we focus on getting really good at ONE thing.” -Steve Brauer

Then about 5 years later Bonnie Shelton was licensed in August 2007.   I’m Bonnie.  I’m Steve’s daughter.  I didn’t get in the business right away because I was still attending San Jose State University and had about two years left.  Shortly after graduating in ’09, I was recruited and haven’t left since!  (Well, except for the short period of time when I had my son in August 2010…)  My role here is the Account Manager.  I have some of my own clients now, individual and group, and manage all of my dad’s current clients.

Then we have John Bills.  Born and raised in the Bay Area, John has a successful book of business and works for Aegis Insurance Markets selling commercial insurance to contractors all over California.  John shares an office with us at Brauer Insurance in San Jose and is very good at what he does.  All of his clients are very happy with his services and attention to detail.  You want to make sure your policy covers you?  Ask John.  He’ll know.

Next comes Caelie Brauer.  My sister!  She is 22 and has worked with us for over a year.  She is getting licensed this summer (2011) along with my mom.  She lives in San Jose and is attending DeAnza College studying really hard to be a neonatal nurse.  When she’s not studying, she’s working hard with us at the office to make things run smoothly.  Though she doesn’t give advice on health insurance (yet), she is the behind-the-scenes office manager who does a great job.  She answers the phone most of the time when people call in.

Last but not least we have our Networking Specialists: Cheryl Rosenquist and Frank Saunders.  They do a great job generating new business when they aren’t working their full time jobs.

Give us a call — we’d love to talk with you! (408) 421-5555

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