Group Employee Benefits

Lets talk for a minute about Group Employee Benefits, or Employee Health Insurance.  First of all, if you are looking for California Employer Benefits or Employee Health Benefits, you have one of two choices; you can go direct to the insurance company or use a broker.

Whether you go “direct” or use a broker, the price is the same.  Having a broker is by far, the best way to go…..and even better, using an INDEPENDENT broker.  Independent brokers will negotiate on your behalf, and get you the best deal for your Health Insurance dollars.  Using Brauer Insurance Services, we have a proven strategy for maximizing your investment in Employee Benefits.

Same goes for California Disability Insurance….if you’re shopping around, use your broker.  They know the market, what to look for, what to stay away from, etc.  Group Employee Benefits are by far, one of the biggest monthly expenses for businesses in California.  Employee Health Insurance does not have to be overly expensive.  Many employers don’t know this, but they are only responsible for 50% of the EMPLOYEE ONLY premium, or $100, whichever is lower.  Many of them think that they have to foot the whole bill for the employee.  Another reason to have a broker……they can advise you on all these issues.

At Brauer Insurance Services LLC, we are a family owned, independent, NO FEE agency.  We strategize the “financing” of your Employee Benefits.  And besides that, we’re pretty nice people too!

Steve Brauer, President/CEO

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