People would be surprised at the affordability of Kaiser insurance through Brauer Insurance.  For someone in their 20’s, the plans can be as cheap as $150 a month….and this is for a nice little plan with a low office copay.  The nice thing about Kaiser is that it is a “one stop shop”….you dont have to worry about going “out of network”, its all handled in-house at Kaiser.  The downside is that you have to choose within their doctor and hospital collection.

Recently Kaiser came up with a plan that allows employees to use NON-KAISER doctors exclusively.  This plan is very expensive and has a very comprehensive network OUTSIDE the Kaiser facilities.  Typically employers looking for Employee Health Benefits for their employees have to choose between Anthem Health Insurance, Blue Cross Health Insurance, Cigna Insurance, etc.

Kaiser Health Insurance is very comprehensive.  It allows you to self refer in most cases, prices are very reasonable, there are facilities all over the west coast, and they are VERY highly rated in terms of client satisfaction.  Group Medical Insurance can be very costly for employers trying to help their employees with Employee Benefits.  Kaiser Insurance can be an affordable alternative.  Employers are only responsible to pay for 1/2 of the Employees Health Insurance for a single employee.  The rest is the employee’s responsibility, but can be taken out of the employee’s check on a non-taxed basis through a Section 125 plan that Brauer Insurance can help you set up….its free!!  We also offer a host of other cool Value Added Services for employers offering California Employee Benefits.

Remember, our services are always FREE…..some people think they are going to go “direct” to Kaiser and get a better rate.  NOT TRUE.  The price you pay is the same you would get with us…no difference.  With Brauer Insurance, you get expert advice, expert representation and a bunch of FREE services that most other brokers don’t offer.  We make a good commission, and believe in giving back!!

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