California Disability Insurance

If employers are looking for Disability Insurance, there are a lot of places to go and many insurance companies that sell it.  At Brauer Insurance we have relationships with many carriers and can shop the best deal for you.  Many times the price difference between companies is staggering…..for basically the same coverage!

California Disability Insurance is a specialty item too.  We have agents that specialize in Disability on our team and know the market inside and out.  Group Disability can be very inexpensive too, with premiums being much less than you would think, for really great coverage!

Another aspect to California Disability Insurance is that you need to make sure it does NOT coordinate with other benefits.  That can limit your benefit and you, or your employees would obtain much less than you had thought.  That’s where someone that deals with Disability Insurance as a specialty is worth their weight in gold.  We’ve used several companies over the years to make sure that our clients are covered and their needs are met.  Colonial has a product that is VERY competitive, especially with the trades, in insuring their workers in case of accidents.

You can be OVER insured as well.  I’ve been in companies, where I have taken over their Employee Benefits, and upon review, realized that they are WAY over insured with some of their coverages.  This one company in particular, was paying thousands a month more than they needed to, for unnecessary coverage.  At Brauer Insurance, we are INDEPENDENT agents and have a NO FEE agency, which means we work for YOU and get you the best deal possible.

Our Employee Benefit packages are “strategized”.  We have a PLAN to save you money and show you how to do it, WITHOUT compromising your Employee Benefits or your employees Benefits.

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