Group Dental Insurance…..lots of choices!

When it comes to Group Dental Insurance, there are MANY choices out there.  Everybody has heard of Delta Dental.  They are the biggest name in the industry.  But what you’ll find is that a lot of other Dental Insurance companies are much more competitively priced and the benefits are MUCH better than many of the Delta plans.  Delta has some great plans, no doubt about it, but they are VERY pricey!

Just recently one of our clients with over 100 employees wanted to shop their Business Dental plan.  They had a Delta plan in place, a mid-range PPO plan.  For a little less in premium, I was able to get them MUCH better coverage, a higher yearly benefit ($3500 vs. Delta’s $1500) and better ortho coverage.  True, the network was not as large as Delta, but for $2000 more in coverage, AND a monthly savings….most of the employees were ecstatic, and the Employer was a hero!

Group Dental plans and Dental Insurance for businesses do NOT have to be expensive.  There is one Group Dental plan out there that I’ve placed a ton of business with, that starts at $38 a month per employee.  Those kinds of prices are unheard of.  My point is…you dont HAVE to always go with Delta.  There are alternatives that MAY work for Employers that are searching for ways to provide Group Dental plans for their employees.

Dental Insurance is very affordable for Individual and Families too.  The only problem with the Individual Dental Insurance and Family Dental Insurance is that there are typically “waiting periods” for most kinds of work that people need; fillings, crowns, root canals, etc.  The waiting periods can be 3 months up to 12 months depending on the plan.  Usually with most Group Dental plans, the waiting periods are very short or non existent.

Many times when clients call and want to purchase an Individual Dental plan, or a Family Dental plan, my advice to them is to find a dentist that they trust and speak to them about paying cash, and asking for the “insurance rate”.  Many dentists are happy to help clients and would rather NOT have to deal with insurance companies.

I refer many people to my own dentist who loves to work with people on a cash basis.  Her name is Aneeta Taneja DDS, she is located in San Jose at 1660 Hillsdale Ave, near Meridian.  Her phone number is (408) 269-5106.  She actually purchased the practice from my father who was a dentist for about 35 years at that location.  Dr. Taneja is a class act.  She is very good, and I have sent her many clients, none of which have ever had a bad word to say.

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