Group Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can be a SCAM!!

Now, having said that, there are insurance companies that offer Group Dental Plans that are definitely worth purchasing.  Delta Dental is the biggest name out there, but what you’ll find is that although many dentists CLAIM to be Delta Dentists, they are NOT!!  Most are what they call DELTA PREMIER dentists.  What that means is that they will only accept the fees schedule that the Delta Premier pays, which is much higher than most insurance companies, including MOST plans within Delta itself.

Now, it is very important to know that ALL dentists “TAKE” insurance…..but if they are not “contracted” with an insurance company, they are not bound by the fee structure that the insurance company has set up.  What does that mean??  The dentist accepts the insurance money and YOU have to come up with the difference between WHAT THE DENTIST CHARGES AND WHAT THE INSURANCE COMPANY PAYS THEM.  This is called “balanced billing”.  Unwitting people roll into the dentist office after asking if they “take” the insurance, only to find out that they owe a hefty bill after the work is completed!  Not a fun adventure.

At Brauer Insurance we try and educate all of our clients and their employees about making sure that their dentist is CONTRACTED.  We hold meetings with the employees and even obtain a list of dentists from the employees and WE call the dental office to make sure they are in the “network” or “contracted”.  This is a huge deal for some people and can cost them thousands of dollars if a mistake is made.

When we started our company in 2003, I really wanted to make sure that we “gave back” something to our clients.  Hell, we make a good commission, 5%-10% on most cases……I wanted to make sure MY clients were getting more than just a broker that shows up at renewal time, throws plans out, commiserates with the owner about the prices skyrocketing, and leaves.  We offer MANY added value services that no other broker provides….some of these services assist the Employer, some assist the Employee.

Group Dental prices can be very cheap, anywhere from $35-60 depending on the carrier, the benefit limit and how many people are signing up!

We will NOT let you down.  Brauer Insurance Services, (408) 421-5555, 3150 Almaden Expwy, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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