Group Insurance or Group Health Insurance

Group Medical Insurance is something that has it’s own “niche” in the world of Health Insurance.  To be an EXPERT in the field of Group Medical Insurance is NOT easy.  There are so many regulations and changes in this industry, just in the last 12 months.  Unless you ONLY do Health Insurance, there is no way that you can become an expert at Group Health Insurance, let alone Health Insurance in general.

Each insurance company has their own regulations and requirements.  For Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance, they have certain expectations, Blue Shield Health Insurance has their own, Kaiser Health Insurance has an even different list.  The process for obtaining Group Insurance for your company can be a rough road, or something that flows smoothly.  Many employers find that having a broker that specializes in Group Health Insurance is much easier to work with.

At Brauer Insurance, that’s ALL we do is Health Insurance.  People ask me all the time why they should not use their “jack of all trades” agent that does a bunch of different insurance lines.  My response is usually something like this:  A few years ago, my uncle developed a heart condition, which was NOT caught by the general practitioner at first.  Once he was diagnosed, they sent him to a “specialist”, a doctor that JUST works on the heart.

The same goes for Insurance.  If you want an expert, go to a specialist….. someone that works ONLY on a certain type of insurance.  What’s nice about Brauer Insurance is that we are an INDEPENDENT, NO fee agency.  You pay nothing for our services.  Our commission is built into the premium, so if you go “direct” to the insurance company, use a General Practitioner, or a “SPECIALIST” like Brauer Insurance, the cost is the same.  We also have a ton of Added Value Services that NO other agency offers.

We make a good commission, we would like to share it!

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