Bonnie: The Broker Benefit

When considering California individual health insurance, you need to get a broker.  If you are in the San Jose or Bay Area, give us a call.  We serve and quote families and individuals all over California.

Besides individual and family plans, our brokerage focuses primarily on small groups and employers.  I would argue that we insure some of the happiest employers because we get the job done.  We know that employers are looking to save money on their employee benefits, especially on the group health insurance.  They want to save money, but also keep the richest benefit possible.  That can be achieved!

At Brauer Insurance Services in San Jose, California, we have come up with many strategies to fit any kind of small business to large business.  We meet with the employer or HR representative and go over some options that we have implemented in other groups all over San Jose.  We work very well with the small groups in the trades and we work very well with small groups in the professional world.

We offer small group medical benefits to over forty small businesses in the San Jose area.  All of us in the office are from San Jose and take a lot of pride in our city.  The Bay Area is the best place to be and there are a lot of small businesses and employers looking for group health insurance.  We know that we can help those employers get their employees the kind of medical benefits they want.  We are confident that we could help you find the health insurance that works well for your California small business.

Give us a call here at the office!
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