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All over my website and in many of my blogs, I talk about how Brauer Insurance “strategizes the financing of your healthcare”.  This is NOT just talk, it’s a strategy that we have perfected over many years.  If you’re an employer in San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley or anywhere in California and offer Employee Benefits to your people, you may want to read on.

With Health Insurance specifically, there are ways to mitigate the high cost of health plans and the insurance in general.  The “strategy” that I am always crowing about involves “insuring” the deductible.  What that means, in simple terms, is that we show employers another way to reduce their costs WITHOUT reducing their Employee Benefits, by using other Voluntary products that essentially “fill the gap”, left by some plans.  These Voluntary plans have many names, “Gap plans”, “Stop-Loss”, Mini-Meds, etc.  By analyzing the needs of the group, many times using a combination of these strategies can work well.

Sometimes it’s hard for CFOs and HR managers to realize the potential with this type of strategy, it’s a bit of out of the box thinking.  But, you can always tell when someone suddenly “gets it” or can actually see the pieces of the puzzle are put together.  The expression on their face changes, and they start asking more pointed questions about the application of the products.  A few months ago, I was sitting in a meeting with a medium sized company that was spending upwards of $100,000 a MONTH for Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance.   During my presentation, I saw the “look” from the CFO and knew that the “light had gone on”.  He looked at his HR Manager and said “why haven’t the big guys shown us this” (referring to the large Employee Benefits brokerage that they were currently with).  A week later, they were MY client…AND I saved them almost $30,000 a MONTH.  I thought the CEO was going to kiss me when we actually made it happen.

Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost a fortune, folks…..if you have an Independent Broker like Brauer Insurance, that actually WANTS to save clients money, its a matter of problem solving.

At Brauer Insurance we “STRATEGIZE the FINANCING of your HEALTHCARE”.  Call us, if I can’t help you, there is no reason for us to do business!!

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