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If you are an employer with at least 2 employees, you can opt for a Health Insurance plan for you and your employees, no matter if someone has pre-existing conditions.  There are tons of options out there with a wide variety of price ranges too.  You can choose between Kaiser Health Insurance, or Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet, Aetna, or Blue Shield for your Employee Health Benefits.  Plans are surprising low, especially if someone is in their 20’s or 30’s.  California Employee Health Insurance can be as low as $140 a month for a quality plan from many of the top carriers.

Group Employee Benefits are sometimes the ONLY Health Insurance that employees are able to obtain, mostly because the employee does not have to worry about pre-existing conditions that they, or a family member might have.  It’s “guarantee issue” to them.  The Employee Benefits that they are offered, are in some cases, the deciding factor when they are looking for employment.  Many studies show, that Group Employee Benefits are equal to, or even more important than, the actual salary of an employee.

Brokers that specialize in Health Insurance, and actually have a “strategy”, are most times, the employer’s ace in the hole.  At Brauer Insurance Services, we look at Employee Benefits as the “strategic financing of your healthcare”.  The benefits that you provide for your employees are a HUGE investment…..why not treat it like one.  Many insurance agents offer many types of insurance, like Fire, Home, Auto, Long Term Care, Life Insurance, etc….without focusing on ONE specific kind of insurance.  When I started our agency I could have chosen to sell tons of different types of insurance, but I wanted to become an EXPERT in just one.  So I picked Health Insurance.  I’d rather be really good at one thing, instead of so-so at a bunch of things, especially with all the new Health Reform guidelines….if you’re not a Health Insurance Agent, there is NO WAY to keep up on all the compliance requirements.

At Brauer Insurance, we have a specific “strategy” that many of our Employer Groups have been wildly successful with.  This is a PROVEN strategy that most other brokers are not using.  If implemented correctly, it can save 15-55% on an employers Group Employee Benefits.  I use the strategy for my OWN agency, successfully.  Some of my Employer Groups include:  LeGrande Affaire Limousine, Hydrex Pest Control, San Jose Police Academy, Santa Clara Federal Credit Union, Rayne Plumbing, Orion Security, 2XL Trucking, Valley Concrete, and many more.

I believe that if I cannot lower your costs, while improving your Employee Benefits, there is NO reason for us to do business!!

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