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Employers looking for affordable Employee Health Insurance or Group Employee Benefits should remember one thing……If you had heart trouble, would you go see a General Practitioner??  Probably not.  You would see a Cardiologist..a SPECIALIST!

Same goes for Employee Health Benefits.  Agents or Brokers that “do it all”, CANNOT be a specialist, you just can’t get good at all the different areas of insurance.  The term “jack of all trades, master of none” always comes to mind.  There are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with all the updates and to achieve a real “strategy” for any one type of insurance line.  At Brauer Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in Employee Benefits and California Employee Health Insurance.  Because we have a specific “strategy” that many companies have found VERY effective, we’ve been able to help them shave anywhere from 15-60% OFF of their Employee Benefits costs each month, without reducing benefits!

The Brauer Insurance “strategy” is not a gimmick or magic, or any other nonsense.  Its all about INSURING THE DEDUCTIBLE.  That means pairing major medical benefits, like Kaiser, Blue Cross, HealthNet, United, with other types of Health Insurance products that compliment each other.  The result is pretty phenomenal.  In most cases you can increase your benefits and lower your cost.

This goes back to what I first said about being the “master of your game”…….the brokers that try to do everything, end up losing to a progressive agency like Brauer Insurance.  We’re not smarter.  We’re just on the cutting edge of Employee Health Insurance and Group Benefits…..its that simple.  I’ve literally built our business on showing CFOs and HR managers that there IS another way to administer benefits.

At Brauer Insurance, our slogan is “To Protect and To Serve”.  Those arent just words…that’s how we run our business.  Being a former Police Sergeant and business owner myself, I have a very different background than most brokers.  I seriously fight hard for all my Employer Groups to strategize the most comprehensive and inexpensive benefit design possible.  If you read some of my other blogs, you’ll see the same type of language….HEALTH INSURANCE DOES NOT HAVE TO COST YOU A FORTUNE!!

If you call me, I can do a quick presentation in about 30 minutes.  After that…..YOU”LL determine if there is a reason for us to do business.  If not, no problem!  This is my second career, my friends call it a “hobby career”.  Whatever it is, it’s my passion, and I’m good at it.  Thanks!!

Steve Brauer-President—-Brauer Insurance Services LLC—-(877) 421-4325…

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