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Most employers tell me that they appreciate the fact that I provide a “strategy” for them….a way to stem the cost of Health Insurance WITHOUT reducing benefits.  In most cases we not only reduce costs, we IMPROVE coverage.  We do it through a “strategy” of combining different products and creating the perfect benefit package for employers.

Like I’ve said in other blogs….if I were you, I’d be skeptical too.  If we talk, it would take about 15 minutes to figure out if there is a reason for us to do business.  If not, that’s OK, this strategy is a bit “out of the box” thinking.  But it IS cutting edge!  I can prove to you that my strategy is cheaper and much more comprehensive than just moving your Health Insurance plan to one that costs less each year.  The Health Plans are reducing coverage and costing more, so many employers have done one of 3 things:  1)  Kept the same plan and absorbed the cost, 2) Kept the same plan and passed the increased cost to the employees, or…..the most common one-3)  Moved their company to a cheaper plan with less benefits, to avoid a yearly premium increase.

Folks…..there IS another way.  I’ve built my business on showing Employer Groups a DIFFERENT way of looking at your Employer Benefits.  It does NOT have to cost a fortune.  I can give you example after example of clients that are utilizing our strategy.

If you have a broker that “does it all” and does not specialize in Employee Benefits, I guarantee they are NOT using this method.  AND, they are doing you a disservice.

In 15 minutes we can figure out, together, if there is a reason for us to do business.  If not, that’s OK……really, and I promise never to approach you again!  I typically can save employers anywhere from 15-50% on their monthly premium…sometimes more, depending on the plan design they have currently.

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