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Depending on what type of Employee Benefits you want for your employees, there are some very inexpensive alternatives.  Our motto is:  Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune!  If you have a broker that specializes in Group Benefits or Employee Health Insurance, they can show you options and “strategies” that not only save you money, but the employees will enjoy better benefits.

At Brauer Insurance, we strategize Employee Benefits for small and medium sized companies.  We have been wildly successful because we offer an alternative to simply moving your health insurance to a cheaper, lesser benefit plan.  Our PROVEN strategy will allow companies to stay with companies like Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet, Aetna, Blue Shield or United.  The strategy can be used with ANY insurance company that does business in California.

If I were you, I would be skeptical too……but give me 20 minutes to explain how it works and if I can’t save you money with BETTER benefits, I’ll tell you.  No problem, no hassle……we’ve seriously got almost more business than we can handle now.

It’s kind of funny sometimes when I meet with a CFO or HR manager.  I show them how other companies, like theirs, have utilized my strategy successfully, and then I show how we could implement it within THEIR company.  At first they’re skeptical and basically “write it off”, not really paying attention.  Then suddenly the “light bulb” goes on and they understand the concept of what we do, and how to accomplish it.  It’s at THAT point that I have their undivided attention and they usually end up giving it a try.

I’ve been a Benefits Broker for almost 10 years….when I got my insurance license, I had the option to sell different types of insurance…..Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Workers Comp, Fire, Auto, etc…..But being a retired Police Sergeant, I didn’t want to work 80 hours a week.  I wanted to “specialize” and get REALLY GOOD at just one thing.  I picked Health Insurance and Group Benefits or Employee Benefits.  This field is VERY complicated and is definitely a “niche” product.  I’d rather be an expert at ONE thing, than do a bunch of things just so-so.

At Brauer Insurance we are experts at Health Insurance.  For all the other lines of insurance, we have referral partners that we trust.  We send THEM the business and they send US the health insurance.

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