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Health insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune….and I can prove it.  It doesn’t matter if you are an employer looking for an alternative to the high cost of medical plans, or someone looking to insure their family with a plan that won’t break the bank.

Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser have some very inexpensive plans that will satisfy most people’s budget and still offer the protection that people are looking for.  Anthem Blue Cross offer a ton of plans to choose from…..but realistically, there are only a few plans that people actually purchase.  Kaiser has a good selection too, but again, there are only about 5 plans that insure about 85% of the people.

If you are looking for Employee Benefits or Health Insurance for your business, Brauer Insurance has developed a “strategy” to mitigate the high cost of those benefits.  We use the same insurance companies, like Kaiser, Blue Cross, Aetna, United HealthCare, Blue Shield, Health Net, etc……We can show you how to lower your cost AND probably provide the same or better benefits to your employees.  There’s no trick or gimmick, it involves the “pairing” of OTHER insurance products side by side with the traditional health plans.  The “other” products act in such a way that they insure your deductible…’s a different way of looking at Employee Benefits, but the companies that embrace this concept, are reaping the benefits and saving a ton of money in the meantime.

At Brauer Insurance, we will figure out pretty quickly if we can help you….if not, no big deal, we’ll tell you.  I’m not gonna hound you or put the high pressure sell on.  If what we provide is not a fit, no problem!  We are very laid back and not trying to pound out the next deal!!

I can promise you that if you allow us about 20 minutes or so, I can expose you to an “out of the box” thinking, in terms of your Employee Benefits.  We think of Employee Benefits as “the financing of your healthcare”.  It’s viewed more in terms of Risk Management.  Any insurance moron can throw plans at employers and suggest they move to a cheaper plan, or have the employees pay for a greater portion…..that is NOT a strategy, that’s an agent that does NOT have a game plan.

We can help you….seriously.

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