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Small Business Benefits can be very affordable and comprehensive.  They do NOT have to cost you a fortune.  Especially if you have a broker that SPECIALIZES in Business Benefits and Employee Benefits for Small Businesses.  It’s not only about finding an Independent broker…..its about finding one that has a “strategy”.  The strategy should involve how to lower costs WITHOUT reducing benefits.  Any monkey can sell a plan with a gigantic deductible and make it affordable, or suggest to the employer that they should move to a cheaper plan to save money.  What you end up with is a bunch of unhappy employees with crappy coverage.

At Brauer Insurance, we can show you a way to get a great plan, using various insurance products, and not pay a fortune doing it.  I GUARANTEE you I can show you a way to do that.  We call it a “strategic benefit design”…..but basically we found a better way to do it.  If you are skeptical, I get it….I really do.  I was a Police Sergeant for a local police department for almost 30 years.  I don’t trust many people either.  All I ask employers is to give me 30 minutes to explain the strategy.  If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit, no big deal…..I’ll move on!  No pressure here, seriously!!

Business Benefits is what we do.  I’ve been doing Small Business Benefits for almost 10 years.  I started when I was still a cop, working out of my house.  When I started I wanted to focus on ONE area of insurance.  I just felt like if I did it all, I would never get really good at anything, so I picked Small Business Health Insurance, or Small Business Benefits.  I wanted to be an expert.  If you know anything about Health Insurance in general… is a VERY dysfunctional system, but I promise you this…..If you have an agent that does not focus on Small Business insurance, there is NO WAY they can be an expert and keep updated consistently.  There are just not that many hours in the day!

I promise you, my daughters and I will treat you like gold.  Like I said, we are experts at Employee Benefits.

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