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Group Dental Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune.  There are plans with a variety of benefits, all without waiting periods for major work to be performed.  At Brauer Insurance, we know the best plans and carriers to get you the best deal.  Being an Independent, NO fee broker, give us an advantage because it allows us to work for YOU, not an insurance company.  Dental Insurance for an employee, or a Group Dental Plan should start about $35 a month per employee.  Depending on the type of coverage and the network you want to belong to, will dictate which company to go with.

Dental Insurance that is expensive, usually Delta Dental, does not always mean its the best.  True, Delta is the largest network in California, but many other companies have very robust networks with a ton of great dentists.  I grew up around dentistry and Business Dental Insurance, with my dad being a dentist for almost 40 years.  Orthodontics may be another consideration too….many of the companies have limited or no access to Ortho.  That affects the price as well.

If you’re looking to provide great benefits to your employees and potential employees, Group Dental Insurance is something that is very affordable.  It’s funny….when you talk to people about their Health Insurance or Dental Insurance, most people are more passionate about their Dentist than their Physician.  Not sure why that is, but its true.

With Group Dental Insurance or Business Dental Insurance, the price is the price, meaning if you go direct to the insurance company or use an agent, its the same price.  Most businesses agree that using a broker, an INDEPENDENT broker, has it’s advantages.  We provide many free services that non-independent brokers don’t have.  We work for ourselves…..not an insurance company.  At Brauer Insurance, my daughters and I will take good care of you, we write tons of Group and Business Dental plans for companies and save them tons of money.  I just recently moved a large company’s dental plan from MetLife to Humana, increased their benefit from $1500 to $2000, AND saved them 15% on their bill.  The CEO was ecstatic!  I saved them a bunch of money on their Kaiser bill too.

At Brauer Insurance we pride ourselves on not only saving companies money, but INCREASING their benefits at the same time.  Group Dental Insurance and Business Dental Insurance can be a great thing for your employees!

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