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Employee Benefit Solutions do NOT have to cost companies a fortune!!  The Employee Benefit Strategy should, if it’s administered right, save a company anywhere from 15%-50% off their Employee Benefits each month.  At Brauer Insurance we believe that Employee Benefit Solutions can be looked at more like a “risk management”, rather than just picking plans each year and absorbing the cost increase.  We have a way for you to forecast and plan for your Employee Benefits.  Any agent can show you plans each year and complain about the increase in cost.  What are they doing to help your company save money AND increase their Employee Benefits?? I guarantee they’re not doing anything!!  At least not like us.

We believe that Employee Benefit Strategies are for forward thinking business people.  It’s a bit of out of the box thinking, but can reap some huge rewards if administered properly.  I have MANY success stories and testimonials from owners and CEOs that have been wildly successful implementing our strategy.  If I were you, I would be skeptical……it’s a big claim we’re making.  But just think if it IS true.  If we could save you big money, better benefits and happier employees.  It CAN be done, I promise!!

Brauer Insurance is an INDEPENDENT, no fee, family owned Employee Benefits agency.  We are experts at Employee Benefits.  That means we are not General Practitioners, we’re Specialists.  It makes a huge difference when you’re agent is someone who “does it all”, meaning they sell a bunch of different lines of insurance.  Employee Benefits and Employee Benefit Solutions is a niche product.  This means that it takes years to figure out how to be a Health Agent and help your clients.  Like I said before, any idiot can throw Health Insurance plans at you and help you complain about how expensive they are.

Are they doing anything to help you?  Are they providing an Employee Benefit Strategy??  Probably not.

At Brauer Insurance, we will NOT disappoint you.

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