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If you are not utilizing an Employee Benefit Strategy for your business, you may be missing out on a HUGE opportunity to not only save money, but obtain better benefits for your employees.  At Brauer Insurance, we have a proven strategy that will allow just that….money savings AND an increase in benefits.  It involves coupling typical Kaiser, Blue Cross, HealthNet, United, Aetna, etc. type benefits with other products to enhance everything.  Seems simple, but VERY effective.  I can usually save companies in the neighborhood of 15%-50% from what they are used to paying for their Employee Benefits.

Employee Benefit Solutions are not something that most Health Insurance brokers are in tune with.  Most agents that insure companies for Employee Benefits are not aware of any type of Employee Benefit Strategy.  At renewal time, they commiserate with the HR folks or CFO about the high cost of Health Insurance…..What are they doing about it??  Most of them are doing nothing.  That’s how we’ve built our business…..taking accounts away from brokers that don’t know what they are doing, or don’t have an Employee Benefit Solution or Employee Benefit Strategy.

Employee Benefit Strategies are not easy to put together….but they save employer groups TONS of money.  Many employers believe it’s a better way to do business.  The old way just doesn’t work.  With prices rising double digit every year….most agents, brokers and employers don’t believe there is any recourse……we believe otherwise, and I can prove it!

If your broker is not helping you with the prices of your Employee Benefits and Health Insurance….ask them why.  If they can’t give you a plausible answer, call me!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done a presentation and the CFO, Controller, or HR Director looks at me and says “why isn’t everyone doing this”……..my response would like to be sarcastic, but I usually just shrug my shoulders and quietly take over the account.

Brauer Insurance is a NO FEE, Independent, Family Owned Employee Benefits Agency offering Employee Benefits Srategies and Employee Benefit Solutions.  My daughters and I will treat you like family.  I have many examples and testimonials that I can share with you from other companies like yours that have been wildly successful with us.

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Steve Brauer….President-Founder……Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..

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