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If your broker suggests that you accept the Health Insurance increase OR pass the increase on to your employees….THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB!….Employee/Group Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune.  If you do not have a “strategy” in place to reduce your costs and increase benefits, you need to call us!

At Brauer Insurance Services, we are a NO FEE, Independent, family owned, Employee Benefits agency.  We are experts at Health Insurance and all the related benefits associated with comprehensive packages.  We believe in strategizing your Employee Benefits and Group Benefits to maximize your investment.  Our philosophy is to help companies “finance” their healthcare.  If you view it as an investment, it takes on a whole new look.  With your finances, you have financial planning……the same should be true of your benefits investment.

Employee Benefits/Group Benefits do NOT have to cost a fortune.  They really don’t!  Yes, they are expensive, there’s not getting around that, but you don’t have to ride the premium increases year after year.  You do have some control of your company’s investment money in terms of what you spend on Group Benefits.  Our employer groups have been wildly successful with our strategy and have told us “why haven’t the other guys told us about this” (referring to the larger big broker houses).  My response is….”I don’t know, you’d have to ask them!

The Brauer Insurance strategy typically saves companies between 15%-50% from their Employee Benefits/Group Benefits bill.  We do all this AND we usually increase the benefits at the same time.  Our presentation is about 30 minutes and may open your eyes to come progressive ways to mitigate the high cost of Group Benefits.

I’m a former Police Sergeant in the Bay Area.  So, by nature, I’m skeptical.  I’m sure you are too, and I don’t blame you.  I hate smarmy sales people with their big phoney smiles, white belts and shoes and fast talk.  I’m just a guy that started a second career about 8 years ago, brought my daughters into the business and have not looked back!  If our strategy is not a fit, no big deal!  Its probably not for everyone.  But it may be worth a look!

So what I’m saying is that if your agent or broker just commisserates with you about how high the prices of Employee Benefits and Group Insurance are and they are not doing anything about it…..fire them!  There IS a better way to do it.

Steve Brauer…..President-Founder….Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(877) 421-4325….3150 Almaden Expwy, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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