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Group Health Insurance CAN be affordable for your employees….there is NO reason for it to cost your company a fortune!!  If you have a “strategy” with your Employee Benefits, you not only save money, but you can give your employees better benefits and more coverage.  At Brauer Insurance, we have the mindset that Group Health Insurance is the “financing of your employees healthcare”.  Now, having said that…..wouldn’t you rather have a STRATEGY for your financing, to get the best return on your investment??

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefit are the second most costly item for employers, right underneath wages.  Doesn’t it make sense to have a “plan” for that size of an investment, instead of wringing your hands each year when the renewal comes around, worrying about what the premium increase will be.  Most employers end up either reducing coverage to save money, or keeping the same coverage and passing the price increase on to their people.  Either way is unacceptable in our world.

At Brauer Insurance, we have built our business on showing employers a better way to purchase their Group Health Insurance.  There IS a much better way to do it, and I’ve got a bunch of companies that have provided testimonials for us, to prove it!  Typically my daughters and I can save your company anywhere from 10-50% with our strategy.  Strategic Benefit designs are our specialty.

There are many insurance people that can write Group Health Insurance….but most of them do MANY lines of insurance, they are not experts at just one thing.  If you had a heart condition….would you see a General Practitioner or a Specialist??  Yeah, I would too!  I know that heart issues and Group Health Insurance are very different, but you get the picture!

We are an Independent, NO FEE, family owned agency helping small and medium sized companies up and down California.

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