Kaiser Employee Health Insurance, California

Kaiser has some phenomenal Employee Health Insurance plans…..I know because my agency uses them!  If you like the Kaiser model, there is a plan that will fit your needs.  Some of the plans are a bit expensive ($5, $15 copay plans), but most are very affordable and very comprehensive.  The Kaiser Employee Health Insurance is kind of a “one stop shop”.  By that, I mean that members don’t have to go to another facility, usually, to obtain treatment even if they are referred to another department.

Kaiser Health Insurance used to be ONLY the expensive copay plans.  Over the last 8-10 years, they have had to compete with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HealthNet, etc. and have come up with affordable plans that fit most people’s needs.  Kaiser even has a PPO plan that is “administered” by Kaiser but plan participants utilize almost the same network as Blue Cross….the drawback:  very expensive.

Kaiser Employee Health Insurance is one of the best ways to offer Kaiser Health Insurance to your workers, that would otherwise NOT have access to coverage.  Kaiser Employee Health Insurance have plans that start at about $170 a month, and remember, the employer is only responsible to pay for 50% of the cheapest plan, which in most cases is about $75 a month……not bad if you are trying to get comprehensive Employee Health Insurance for your people!

Kaiser Health Insurance for businesses is sometimes that absolute best deal out there, depending on your situation.  They provide inexpensive coverage for Employer Groups all over California.  Another nice thing about Kaiser Employee Health Insurance is that if you have 3 kids or 10 kids, its the same price as if you had ONE child!  Once you pay for the first child….the rest are FREE.  This is another bonus to having Kaiser Employer Benefits.

At Brauer Insurance, we ARE the leaders in Kaiser Health Insurance for businesses, families and individuals.  We ONLY do Employee Health Insurance and Health Insurance for families.  We are Kaiser specialists!  Brauer Insurance Services is an INDEPENDENT, NO fee, family owned agency focused on Employee Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

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