Kaiser Group Health Insurance, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, CA

Kaiser Group Health Insurance is one of the best ways to secure quality healthcare for you employees without breaking the bank.  Brauer Insurance is one of Kaiser’s largest producing agencies in the area.  We have created a strategy to lessen the cost of plans while we increase the amount of coverage for your employees.  If you have a broker or agent that does not “specialize” in Kaiser Group Insurance or Employee Benefits, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Brauer Insurance Services is an INDEPENDENT, no fee, family owned agency located in the Bay Area.  ALL we do is Health Insurance and Employee Benefits…..much of it being Kaiser Group Health Insurance.

We believe in it so much that WE use our Kaiser strategy with our own agency.  I can PROVE to you that our strategy can save you money…..it’s a fairly simple strategy that can be used with any insurance carrier or plan design.  I can’t tell you how many employer groups have switched to Brauer Insurance because of our mindset.  Just recently I was doing a presentation to a CFO of a fairly large high tech company.  Her company had been using a very large Employee Benefits firm for many years.  THAT firm does NOT “strategize” their benefit packages.  A week later, we were the new brokers of that high tech company….why?, because we have a unique, forward thinking, creative way of “financing” healthcare.

Kaiser Group Health Insurance can help you attract and retain quality employees.  Kaiser is basically a one stop shop, when it comes to having all the services in one place.  Kaiser Group Insurance is very affordable when you compare all of the other options put together.  Anthem and Blue Shield have good plans, but many times you have to go across town for a lab or an x-ray or whatever.

With Kaiser Group Health Insurance you get the bonus of using Kaiser’s state of the art, medical facilities and technology.  When you have a few minutes, you should go check out the Santa Clara location……it is fantastic and awe inspiring.

At Brauer Insurance we are Specialists….NOT General Practitioners.  We can help small to medium sized companies with forecasting and strategizing their benefit packages.  Typically we can save companies anywhere from 10%-60%, depending on their current Employee Benefit package.

Steve Brauer…….President…..Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(877) 421-4325……..www.brauerinsurance.com

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