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Small Business Benefits do NOT have to cost a fortune!  Employee Benefits are NOT all created alike!  There are strategies that exist to mitigate much of the cost of the Small Business Benefits.  Brauer Insurance Services are EXPERTS at Health Insurance and creating benefit strategies to save small and medium sized companies 20-50%.

Our strategy involves changing people’s mindset.  We believe that since Employee Benefits usually are the second largest cost for employers, right underneath wages, the philosophy should be looking for a way to “finance the heathcare of workers”.  Well…..we found a way, and our clients are reaping the rewards of it.  This is not a gimmick, trick or scam.  We were able to develop this because Employee Benefits is ALL WE DO.  We are “specialists”…..not General Practitioners.  It makes a difference.

Small Business Benefits and Health Insurance can be affordable and very comprehensive.  Employee Benefits is a “niche” field.  If you ask other insurance agents about specifics of the Health Reform Act, or Health Insurance….I guarantee they don’t know the answer UNLESS they specialize in that field.  There is simply too much information to absorb and trying to keep current if you are selling other lines of insurance is just not possible, there are only a certain number of hours in the day.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “jack of all trades, master of none”…..this is a perfect example!

At Brauer Insurance, we are an INDEPENDENT, No fee, family owned agency specializing in Small Business Benefits and Employee Benefits for small and medium sized companies.  Some of our clients include, Aquatek Plumbing, Solaicx, Hydrex Pest Control, Valley Concrete, Orion Security, 2XL Trucking, Applied Cryogenics, and many more.

I guarantee your current agent or broker does not utilize a Small business Benefit strategy.  Most of them appear once a year around renewal time and help you complain about the high cost of insurance…..even suggesting that you lower your coverage to save money.  Not exactly a strategy.  Any monkey can throw cheaper plans at you, or suggest that your employees contribute more towards the coverage.  I have built much of our business on showing CFOs and HR Managers how to not only save money, but offer BETTER benefits at the same time.

Our strategy takes about 30 minutes to explain.  I am not your typical “salesy” insurance guy…..if what we do is not a “fit”.  No big deal.  I’m not going to try and pressure you into something.  But I CAN give you references of real live business owners that have been wildly successful that use our strategy.

Small Business Benefits and Small Business Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost a fortune!!

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