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Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost a fortune.  If you are an employer and considering offering Employee Benefits to your employees, it is not a expensive as you might think.  There is a minimum amount that the employer has to contribute towards the insurance for each employee, but that amount can be as little as $75 a month per employee.  Many potential employees will pass on a job solely based on the Employee Benefits, or lack of them.  Having an Employee Benefit Strategy will not only save you money, but deliver better benefits to the employees too.

At Brauer Insurance, we pride ourselves on the Benefit Strategy that we’ve built that many employers have been wildly successful with.  The strategy can be used with any benefit package and is very creative.  It’s a proactive, forward thinking philosophy that is not for everyone.  And frankly it takes a few minutes to wrap your mind around the idea and how it could be implemented with each situation.  One of my biggest compliments came from a CFO that I was presenting to a few months ago.  I could tell he was skeptical from his body language and lack of questions.  After about 15 minutes of looking at the presentation and hearing me speak, you could tell the “light” went on.  He sat up in his chair, became engaging and was actually studying the material.  A few minutes later, he looked at the company’s HR Director and asked him, “how come our current broker hasn’t shown us this?”  I ended up getting the account the next day.  Biggest compliment I’ve heard in a long time!

Let my daughters and I set your company up with Employee Benefits that fits your needs.  Our services are totally FREE and we offer a ton of free services that your company may find useful….Free Cobra Administration, Free HR Compliance Center, Free Employee Assistance Program, etc…..   You will NOT find a broker that will help you more, or care about your business more than us, period!

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