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Benefits for your company should NOT cost you a fortune!!  We can show you a way to slow the cost of Group Benefits and Employee Benefits for companies.  We have a strategy that allows you to chose your insurance company, Kaiser, Blue Cross, HealthNet, SeeChange, etc…and then we help you strategize it!!  I guarantee we can cut your cost by at least 20-40% or more….WITHOUT compromising benefits.

I would be skeptical too….but our agency has grown to one of the premier and larger Employee Benefit agencies in Santa Clara County BECAUSE of what we do.  In my previous life, I was a Santa Clara Police Sergeant.  I started doing this part-time about 10 years ago and moved into full-time in 2005.  We have a Family owned and operated agency.  When you call, you’ll get either one of my daughters, my wife, or myself.

I’m still confused about why more brokers are NOT doing any kind of strategizing when it comes to Group Benefits, Health Insurance, or Employee Benefits.  I’ve built our business on helping companies that are sick of……. prices going up, and benefits going down.  There are ways to slow that way down.  If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you.  If your broker is doing what they’re supposed to do and have a progressive strategy, I’ll tell you to stay where you are.

What I typically find,  is that when it comes to Employee Benefits and Group Benefits, most companies “don’t know what they don’t know”……it isn’t until someone shows them a better way to do something that they realize.  Why??  Because they’ve relied on their broker to guide them, which MOST don’t.

Employee Benefits, Group Benefits, Group Medical Insurance all can be affordable for companies…..I promise you.

Some agencies offer Health Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in it!!

Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..Steve Brauer-President….(408) 421-5555

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