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Group Dental Insurance with Brauer Insurance, can be VERY inexpensive for your employees and has a few really good aspects to it;  First, with most of the Group Dental Plans or Business Dental Plans, there are NO waiting periods.  That means that when you sign up, the next day, your employees can go out and start using the benefit.  If they need a crown or major work….they’re good to go!

Secondly, the Business Dental Plans have much better benefits than any Individual dental plans that you may have.  There are some plans with yearly benefits up to $3500, starting at about $40 a month.  That particular plan is with United Health Care.  We have many groups on that plan and they LOVE it!

Dental Insurance for your employees can make a HUGE difference in their lives.  Its funny, most people would rather change their doctor than lose their dentist.  We have hundreds of employer groups that have Group Dental plans with us.  We help you shop for the best coverage for the best price.  We even do an inventory of employees dentists to make sure  they are In-Network before we recommend a plan.  There is nothing worse than moving someone to a Group Dental Plan or Business Dental insurance and find out that their dentist does NOT accept that type of insurance…not good.

At Brauer Insurance we are an INDEPENDENT, no fee, family owned agency doing Affordable Dental Insurance up and down California.  We have clients in San Diego and as far north as Tahoe.  Our Group Dental Insurance can include Delta Dental, United, MetLife, Humana, First Dental, Blue Cross, HealthNet, Blue Shield and many more.

If you currently have Group Dental Insurance and you THINK you’re paying too much, you probably ARE!  Business Dental Insurance is somewhat of a strategy….because there are so many plans but only a few really make sense for most employers.  Delta Dental is the most recognizable, but is NOT always the best value.  A Delta Premier plan is VERY expensive and sometimes may not be a good “fit” for employers.  Call us and we can help you navigate the crazy Group Dental Insurance waters.

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