Creativity is key in Employee Benefit Strategies

Most of the time in life things aren’t going to be handed to you in a perfectly square box.  Sometimes you’re given a square box with a circular object and you have to work things out!  We approach employee benefits in the same way; when carriers raise the rates or throw us some weird plans, we make it work!

At Brauer Insurance Services, we think outside the box.  We have been in this health insurance game long enough to know that when things don’t work, you find a way to make them work!  President and CEO Steve Brauer has been meeting with employers about their employee health benefits for the last eight years.  He knows how to be creative with benefit strategies.

Many employers come to us with questions on their employee benefits.  Most of the time we can help them with saving money, improving benefits, or offering better service during and off of the renewal.  Small businesses across CA but especially in San Jose and Mountain View have really found our services helpful.  One of the best parts of employee benefits is meeting employers and helping them save money on their health insurance.

We specialize in medical, dental, vision and supplemental benefits for small groups.  Give us a call and let us help you! (408) 421-5555

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