Employer Group Health Benefits for Small Groups in San Jose, CA

Employers and HR Representatives have really started to take the healthcare reform seriously and we have had a lot of calls from employers who have questions about what is going to happen to their health insurance in San Jose, CA.  We have quite a few answers for you.

First off, if you are an employer in San Jose CA for a small business and are looking into what is going on with healthcare reform, we are here for you.  We attend health insurance seminars in San Jose and all over the Bay Area in order to get a grasp on what’s coming up in 2014.

Second, if you are looking to lower your monthly costs of employee benefits, then you have come to the right place.  One good thing about being a broker in CA is that you don’t have to compete for pricing.  The prices for the small business health insurance plans are the same no matter what broker you go with.  No broker in San Jose can get a better deal with a carrier like Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, or Health Net.  There is a thing called a Medical RAF (Rate Adjustment Factor) but brokers have no control over those numbers.

Third, many of the employers in the San Jose, CA area are looking to get better benefits for their employees.  Maybe as the employer of the small business, you haven’t had time to look into all of the plans. Let us do that.  We are here to make your job easy and really only make the final decision on a health plan for your employees!  At Brauer Insurance Services, we are here to serve and protect you, as we like to say.  We are working for small business employers in the San Jose, CA region, not carriers like Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield or Health Net.  You can count on us to serve and protect you! (408) 421-5555


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