Group Employee Benefits, San Jose, Sunnyvale, CA

At Brauer Insurance we offer a “strategic benefit package” to all of our employer groups. Many groups have been wildly successful utilizing our strategy and have referred us to other groups and employers. That’s why our business has doubled every two years. We started in 2003, with me working out of my home. We’ve grown to 5 producing agents, 2 account managers and a spacious office in the Willow Glen-Almaden Valley area.

When I left the Police Department I knew I wanted to focus on ONE kind of insurance…I wanted to be considered an expert in my field. I picked Health Insurance and Group Employee Benefits. One of the most rewarding things has been for other agents, many of them that have been in the industry for decades, seek me out for advice on Health Insurance matters. Why? Because I am a “specialist”…I don’t do Life Insurance or Long Term Care, or Homeowners, or Fire Insurance. Group Employee Benefit and Health Insurance is SO complicated, there is simply no time to try and become proficient at any other line of insurance…there’s just not that many hours in the day!

At Brauer Insurance we ONLY specialize in Group Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for families and businesses. I’d rather be a Master of my craft, than a Jack of all Trades. My daughters and I are committed to helping you navigate the ugly waters of the Health Reform Act and everything associated with it.

Steve Brauer…President…Brauer Insurance Services…(877) 421-4325

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