Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses in Mountain View

As a small business employer, did you know that you could get a medical plan for your employees at a very competitive rate? The plans we have available for the Mountain View area are rich in benefit but also great on pricing.  If you are interested in learning more about the plans, let us know!

We serve many small businesses in the Mountain View and San Jose area.  We work with a lot of employers who offer medical benefits to their employees.  Some of those small businesses range from just one person (with an additional eligible waiver) all the way up to groups with one hundred employees.  Offering medical benefits to employees not only raises the morale of the company but it allows employees the chance to get insurance when they may not have qualified any other way.

Employers can put down as little as $75 a month or half of the lowest offered plan.  This way, the employees can choose where they’d like to spend their benefit money.  We also offer many dental plans that are great for companies who have never had dental before, or are looking to lower their dental premiums.  Dental benefits from their employer is one of the most cherished things from an employee’s standpoint.  Besides the medical plans, dental plans are very popular amongst the small businesses in Mountain View and all over the Bay Area.

If you have any questions on wishing to lower your monthly payments, give us a call!  (408) 421-5555 We are available all week, every week and are here to help employers who offer benefits to their employees!  Call us for a quote today!

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