Health Insurance for “Start-ups”

Group Health Insurance or Employee Benefits for “start-ups” is NOT that hard to do, and….they do NOT have to cost you a fortune!  They really don’t.  We insure a lot of start ups in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and some in Southern California too.  Start ups are usually looking for the “best bang for the buck”.  At Brauer Insurance we are not only aware of the challenges of start-ups but what type of Employee Benefits are typically found in certain industries which is called BENCHMARKING.  By offering equal or even better benefits than other similar companies, you can attract and retain good, quality employees.  At Brauer Insurance, may of our companies that we insure opt to use one of our “strategies”.  These strategies not only save money, but in most cases have better benefits than what employees are used to!

At Brauer Insurance, Employee Benefits is what we do.  It’s ALL we do.  Our services are FREE, and our commission is built into the health insurance premium, so if you go “direct”, you pay the same price.  We are a NO fee, family owned, Independent Employee Benefits agency that helps companies strategize their Employee Benefits, specifically Group Health Plans.

We also help companies stay compliant with all the new Health Reform Act regulations and filings that companies, even small companies, have to comply with.  We offer FREE services like; Behavioral Wellness plan, COBRA administration, HR Workplace Compliance Center and much more.

If your broker strategizes your Employee Benefits, reviews your benefits quarterly, offers free services like the ones above, and has a kick ass staff…..stay with them!  If not, give us a call.  I’m a former Detective Sergeant in the Bay Area.  I’ve been a broker for almost 10 years not…it’s my second career.  Let my daughters and I help you navigate the crazy waters of the Health Insurance arena.  At Brauer Insurance Services…..we “protect and serve” you!!

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC  (408) 421-5555

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