Small business employee benefits San Jose, CA

We got a call today from a Human Resource manager asking if we could insure her small business group.  She had no idea if they would qualify, but we were able to steer her in the right direction.  Many small businesses in San Jose, CA would really benefit from giving us a call!  Brokers are completely free: why not use our expertise in the health insurance field?!

When thinking about what kind of medical plan to get for your small group in San Jose, CA, you want to think of the carriers that are going to be options.  For many employers of small businesses, the most chosen carrier is Kaiser Permanente.  They are known for their prompt replies on admissions and for their willingness to work well with their clients.  If you are currently going through a re-certification and need help, we can also do that! Kaiser is a great, inexpensive option for your health plans for the small business.  Many, MANY of our clients are choosing to go with Kaiser because of their price.

Medical insurance for small businesses can get pretty tricky– especially when you start dealing with COBRA.  If you have over 20 employees (full time, part time, and seasonalcombined) you are considered FEDERAL COBRA.  This means that you, as the employer of the small business, would need to administer the COBRA to your employees.  This can get very tricky.  Let us help you decipher the world of medical benefits! Call us today (408) 421-5555

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