Small Group Inusrance in Mountain View, CA

Small groups benefits is what separates good companies from great companies.  Employers who offer health benefits to their employees definitely have the edge over other groups who are not currently offering health coverage.  In today’s health insurance market, specifically in Mountain View, CA and surrounding California cities, there are competitive plans out there where it won’t cost you your life savings to insure your employees!

SeeChange Health is a well-established company who writes medical insurance for large and small groups just like yours!  If you are an employer looking for health coverage for their employees, then this is definitely something you want to look into.  The SeeChange network is very large and they have a lot of HSA plans out there that can save you and your employees a ton of money.

What are HSA plans?  In Mountain View, CA many groups are switching from a traditional PPO plan, to an HSA plan.  Health Savings Account is what HSA stands for, and they are basically just that: a savings account for health benefit reasons.  You can use your HSA money at any Mountain View CVS, local drug store, or even vision and dental benefits!  One of the best parts about an HSA is that they roll over year to year and it is completely tax-free money!

Sometimes employers will contribute to their employees’ HSA plans– that is legal.  There is a maximum limit per account, depending if you are a single person or a family.  Contact us to learn more about the rates on plans in Mountain View, CA for HSAs!  They are selling fast and your employees will love you for doing this.

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