Affordable Employee Benefits in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, CA

If you’re looking to have knee surgery, you aren’t going to use a foot specialist– you’re going to use a knee specialist! The same works with health insurance.  If you’re researching some cheaper medical plans for your employees and your office is located in either Sunnyvale or Santa Clara, CA we are the brokerage for you!  We are a family run business out of San Jose, CA and have many groups in the neighboring cities of Sunnyvale, CA and Santa Clara, CA.

The thing we are best at is getting quality, affordable health insurance for groups size 2-50.  We work with larger groups as well, but the smaller groups are our niche.  If you are an employer that is looking to get some better benefits for your employees, and see if you can save some money doing it, then you need to give us a call!

Steve Brauer started the business almost 10 years ago in a home office.  He was coming up on retirement from the Santa Clara Police Department and knew that he wanted to work at doing something else.  He also used to own four of his own pizza stores in Santa Clara, CA, and San Jose, CA.  He knows how to think like a businessman and save money like a businessman!

Working with a broker for your employee benefits is completely, 100% free to you as an employer.  Every service that we offer is also 100% free to you.  We are paid a commission by the insurance companies and it’s in the premiums whether you have a broker or not.  If you’re NOT benefiting from your current broker/agent or you are going direct to the carriers, you NEED to get on board with us.  If you have a halfway larger group (20+ employees) and you aren’t working with a broker, there could be a lot of liability that is left wide open.  Our motto is “protect and serve” our clients and we do just that.  Please give us a call today!

Bonnie Shelton, Brauer Insurance Services LLC, (408) 421-5555, 3150 Almaden Expressway Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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