Compliance with ObamaCare, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, CA

If you’re an employer, there are going to be compliance issues that you will have to adhere to over the next few months….starting in September.  At Brauer Insurance, we help our employer groups become compliant with ObamaCare….FREE!

The first compliance issue will be supplying the employees with the Benefit designs of the Health Insurance plans offered, and examples of how the plans work using various scenarios.  Failure to comply with this, could result in monetary penalties and sanctions.  The upcoming requirements for employers will mean one of two things…..either their broker will help them comply, or they will ignore it and be out of compliance.  Full service brokerages will help their companies.  Hey…we make a good commission, month after month, there’s not excuse for not actually earning your money!

If your broker is sitting on their hands… us, we’ll help you!

Brauer Insurance prides themselves on not only being ObamaCare experts and being on the “cutting edge” of the Health Reform Act…..but HELPING our clients with the myriad of issues they will have to deal with in the upcoming months and years.  In addition, we have other FREE services, including COBRA administration, HR Workplace Compliance Center, Employee Wellness Program, and a comprehensive “hidden paycheck” statements for each employee-yearly.

ObamaCare will be a NIGHMARE to try and stay current with, for employers….HEY, that’s why you have a broker.  MAKE US EARN OUR MONEY!!  For smaller groups, we make about 7-10% of every dollar you spend on Employee Benefits.  For larger groups, its anywhere from 5-8%.

When I started our Employee Benefits agency, I wanted to make sure that we were a “cut above” in terms of Added Value Services and knowledge.  Most….almost ALL brokers do NOT offer services like Brauer Insurance.  I know this because I’ve compared our agency to tons of others…..not even close.

ObamaCare is not something that you want to lose track of.  There is a TON of information that has to be absorbed……if your broker doesn’t specialize in Health…there is NO WAY they can stay current on all the changes happening and be good at other types of insurance….you can’t be an expert at EVERYTHING!!!

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