Group Employee Benefits should NOT be a fortune!

If you are an employer and supply Employee Benefits to your employees, it should NOT cost you a fortune.  It doesn’t have to.  If your broker has a “strategy” that mitigates much of the cost of the traditional Group Benefit plans, you’re in good shape.  Brauer Insurance has several strategies that help companies slow, or in many cases reverse, the high cost of Group Employee Benefits.

If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you, I would be too.  We’ve developed a concept of delivering Employee Benefits to employees that is very forward thinking and VERY effective.  Honestly, it’s NOT for everyone, some people either can’t wrap their head around it, or just would rather stay with the same type Group Employee Benefit plan they’re used to…..and that’s OK, really!  But for many business owners, CFOs, and Controllers, they would like to explore ways to combat the unsustainable yearly increases that Kaiser, Blue Cross, Aetna, and HealthNet keep handing out year after year.

We can show you examples and testimonials from companies that have been wildly successful with the strategy that we’ve worked out.  I’ve spoken to more business owners than I can count, that have asked me: “why hasn’t OUR broker showed us this before?”  My response is always the same…..”I don’t know, you’ll have to ask THEM!”

You probably already know this, but Employee Benefit brokers work off of a commission.  That commission is based on the money that each group spends on Group Employee Benefits, which is about 5-7% of each dollar.  It’s simple math, if you spend LESS for your Employee Benefits, your broker earns less commission.  Sometimes for brokers that are older or maybe not as ethical as they should be, using a “strategy” is just not something that they want to do.  I’ve built much of my business replacing brokers that have that mindset.  Once I show the business owner a BETTER way to administer their Group Employee Benefits, they are really pissed off at their broker……which means they’re OUT and I have a new client!!

Folks, this is not magic or some type of gimmick.  It’s basically a different way to do business.  The Brauer Insurance philosophy is “we want to help companies finance their healthcare”….to have an actual STRATEGY for their investment, instead of just accepting the crazy increases, year after year.

In 30 minutes I can explain the concept and then YOU make the decision.  If it’s not something you agree with or think would be a good fit for your company, not a problem!  I won’t speak to you again about it.  But maybe, just maybe, it might be something that could help you trim your Group Employee Benefit budget into something a little more reasonable!

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