Health Reform Compliance, PPACA requirements, COBRA compliance, San Jose, San Francisco, CA

Health Reform compliance is not going to be easy for doesn’t matter if you are small or large, there are requirements that you will have to adhere to as an employer which is part of PPACA’s Health Reform Act compliance.

No matter what side you’re on when it comes to the Health Reform Act, one thing is for sure.  Whoever you are…..stand by, you’ll be paying more for your insurance than you are now.  Why?  Because there is NOTHING in the PPACA Reform Act that addresses the cost of medical care, whether it’s from a hospital or from a doctor.  That is one of the major issues that people “in the know” have a problem with.  They were so busy trying to make sure everyone gets insurance, they kinda sidestepped the whole cost issue.

As far as compliance….if you have a broker that does not specialize in “Health Insurance” or Employee Benefits, you better get one.  There are some major compliance issues that YOU, as an employer, will have to do, with the first one coming up in mid-September.  Brauer Insurance is on the cutting edge of the compliance issues and how they affect small, medium and large employers.  Ask your broker what an SBC is….if their eyes glaze over, or they fumble around…BIG RED FLAG!  The SBCs are due in September, and they have to go to EACH employee BY LAW!!

Our clients will have the necessary compliance paperwork filed and taken care of AT NO COST TO THEM.  We do that because we “specialize” in Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for the Small and Medium sized companies.

We also have a Third Party Administrator handle their COBRA.  If you don’t know about COBRA, it can be a nighmare.  It’s basically the OSHA of Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.  Fines and penalties for either non-compliance or mistakes are staggering.  We pay for our clients to transfer THAT liability to the TPA.  Problem solved!  Again, at NO cost to the employer!

If compliance is important to you, call us, we can help you!…..FOR FREE.

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