Healthcare Reform effects on Group Insurance in San Jose, CA

Healthcare reform has been a good thing in many ways.  However, it has also really brought up some quite shocking laws that we never thought would pass through.  This election year is very important in the outcome of the status of healthcare reform.

We are a family operated health insurance brokerage in San Jose, CA.  We are all currently on a group plan and it isn’t cheap!  Employers who are struggling to keep their doors open are having a tough time between keeping health insurance for their employees, or getting rid of it altogether.  The way that the State of California has it set up right now is that the employers has to pay 50% of the employee only premium or a dedicated dollar amount no less than $75 per month.  The new healthcare reform laws will change the way that small and large businesses do business.  No one knows exactly what 2014 will bring, but it will be a year of a lot of change.

Currently, the only thing that healthcare reform has really effected for small groups is the age limit for dependents to be on their parents’ plan, maximum waiting periods groups are allowed to have, the preventative benefits are free, and there are now no lifetime maximums on any plan.

Those are great changes to the health world, but there are many more to come these next few years.  If you are an employer in San Jose, CA and are looking for more help with understanding healthcare reform or your role in it, please give us a call!  We would love to help you understand your part in it as well as ours.

Having  a broker is free to you and really only a benefit if you have a good one.  Let us know how we can help!

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