Willow Glen, CA Medical Benefits

Living in the Silicon Valley is ridiculously expensive.  Many people are in debt up to their ears and working endless hours.  So many of these people are in debt because of their medical bills.  Not only are they paying the medical premiums, but they have large bills!

If you live in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA, you have come to the right brokerage!  We specialize in employee benefits, and also individual and family benefits! Having a broker is completely free to you– why wouldn’t you utilize us?!

I just quoted an individual who lives in Willow Glen at age 27.  His lowest premium available was $80/mo.  That was for a great plan, with a doable deductible.  Many of the people nowadays are looking for high deductible plans for their families or for themselves.  We can definitely get you affordable rates for whatever insurance you are looking for.

We sell Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Kaiser. We don’t normally recommend dental insurance, but we have things we offer!  If you live in Willow Glen, let us know if you’d like a free quote to see how much you would have to pay for medical insurance.

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