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The old slogan “If you think you’re paying too much for something, you probably are” is absolutely true!  Your Employee Benefits or Health Insurance for your company should NOT break the bank every month.  If you cringe when you open the Kaiser or Blue Cross bill each month, there MAY be something you can do about it.  If your broker doesn’t have an actual strategy, if you only hear from them once a year, or they don’t meet with you each quarter……it may be time to shop around.

When I speak to CFOs or business owners that offer Employee Benefits I typically hear two things:

1)  “My broker is great, they contact me regularly, save me a ton of money and strategize my Employee Benefits so I don’t pay a fortune!


2) ” I rarely hear from my broker, I’m not sure what kind of plan I have and the prices keep going up year after year”

When I hear scenario number 1, I usually tell them to stay where they are, and to congratulate their broker for doing a good job.  If I hear some of the things in the second example, it may be time to move to a more progressive type approach.  At Brauer Insurance, we have a very forward thinking, aggressive approach to Employee Benefits and Employee Benefit Strategies.  We can show you ways to slow, stop, or even reverse the prices of Employee Benefits, specifically Group Health Insurance, with our workable strategy.  I can also give you many testimonials and examples of how we’ve been able to help employers with Kaiser plans, Blue Cross plans, Aetna plans, HealthNet plans.

If I were you, I’d be skeptical…..I really would!  My guarantee is this:  You allow me present what we do for about 30 minutes and if you don’t like it or agree with it, I will never call you again….promise!  Seriously, we have too much business to go around chasing people.  Brauer Insurance is one of the premier Employee Benefits agency in the Bay Area.  Check out our reviews on YELP, or Google…..I’ll let our clients speak for us!

I am a retired Police Sergeant from a Bay Area law enforcement agency.  This is my second career.  We have a small office with about 7 employees, including my wife  and two daughters who are brokers as well!

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC-(877) 421-4325

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