Health Insurance Options in San Jose, CA and Mountain View, CA

Many people contact us from the San Jose, CA and Mountain View, CA areas.  We are located in the heart of San Jose, CA and are a brokerage that you can count on.

We specialize in health insurance for individuals and small groups. The majority of our business is small groups in San Jose under fifty employees.  If you are a business owner looking for health insurance for your business, the main thing you want to think about is price.  How much are you willing to spend per month on health insurance for your employees?

Now, many employers think that if they get their San Jose, CA offices health insurance, that they have to pay for the whole thing: not true! In fact, most companies do not pay for the entire premium for their employees.  They normally have a 50/50 split between employee only and then the employees pick up the remaining cost for the dependents they want to add.

A few of the most popular health insurance options in San Jose, CA and Mountain View, CA for INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES are brought to you by Health Net and Blue Shield.  Those are the two most popular currently.  Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross are a close second, but Health Net definitely takes the cake for most popular plan right now on the market.

Now, for the SMALL GROUP side of things, it’s totally the opposite!  Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross are pretty high up there with the competitive rates, but Health Net on the small group side has been lacking in competitiveness.

Though, Health Net does have a great niche market for small groups who are husband/wife groups, they still come nowhere near competitive for the larger groups.

If you are looking into some health insurance for your small business or for your family or yourself, please let us know!  We would love to help you figure out what would work best for you! Give us a call at our San Jose, CA office today!

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