Kaiser Permanente Small Business Group Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente has been serving the San Jose, CA community for many, many years.  I was born at the Santa Teresa Kaiser and so was my son, Jack.  I have had Kaiser health insurance since the day I was born and I love it!  We get a lot of small business clients who like it as well.

Obtaining Kaiser small business group health insurance can be a great way to recruit employees who want medical benefits.  As an employer who is offering medical benefits to their employees, you have some options.  There are about 14 different plans that Kaiser offers currently to their employer groups.  If you are the owner or HR representative of a company and looking to get some benefits, Kaiser in San Jose or Santa Clara, CA is definitely the way to go.

Of their 14 +- plans they offer to their small group market, we usually only sell about 4-5 of them.  Typically the copay plans are too expensive, but often times people do want them.  There are SUPER rich benefits for employees and there are higher deductible or HSA plans available as well.

An HSA plan is either a PPO or HMO plan that allows you to open a Health Savings Account.  This allows you to store up tax-free money to pay for medical expenses (up to $3k for a single person and $6k for a family).   These are great if you are an independent contractor and have to pay taxes quarterly.  They are also great if you hardly ever go to the doctor and would like to save money on the premiums or monthly payments.

Some companies do not wish to go with an HSA approved plan, other small businesses we run into in San Jose, CA LOVE them.  It really just depends on what kind of business you have and what you are looking for.  As a small business owner in San Jose, CA or Santa Clara, CA, please give us a call!  We would love to help you on your journey through the Kaiser Group health insurance market!

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