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If you are considering changing your Medicare Supplements during the Open Enrollment coming up for 2012, make sure you contact someone you trust to make that happen… an ex-police officer maybe??  Let my daughters and I help you navigate the world of Medicare.  Some agencies offer Health Insurance…..we SPECIALIZE in it!!

Medicare is VERY confusing… really is.  When you use an Independent Broker or go direct to the Medicare Supp people, its the same price.  When you use an INDEPENDENT broker, they are looking out for you.  They are not beholden to any insurance company because they work for YOU.  Let’s face it, insurance is a necessary evil, but unfortunately if you have any assets, you have to have it in some form.  We are big cheapskates!!  We will get you the most comprehensive and affordable plan out there.

When you’re talking about Medicare Supplements, its pretty much Plan F that most people go with.  The plan has all the necessities that people need and the price is really not that bad….Blue Shield offers the Plan F for $99 a month for the first year.  What’s nice about Shield is that it is a NOT for profit company AND they give rebate checks when their profits get beyond a certain point…..I know, I didn’t believe it either.  But it actually happened.  One of my employer groups got a check for almost $12,000 last June from Blue Shield based on what they paid out for their coverage in 2011.

Medicare Supplements are really a great thing.  People that have Medicare LOVE it.  It pretty much covers everything, most times with a small copay.  With the Supplement, it even makes it better.

Let Brauer Insurance help you with your Medicare Supplement coverage.  We are experts at Health Insurance…check out our reviews on YELP and GOOGLE.  We’ll let our customers do the talking!!

Brauer Insurance Services LLC-  Steve Brauer-President… 421-5555

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