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If you THINK you’re paying too much for your Small Business Health Insurance…you probably are!  Some “red flags” to watch for are:

1)  The business owner or CFO doesn’t really understand the Health Plan they have, what their deductible is or can tell you how their broker has been able to slow the yearly increases in premiums.

2)  When you mention an insurance “strategy”, they have a befuddled look on their face.

3)  The term “insuring the deductible” has NO meaning to them

These are some tell tale signs that a company is probably spending more…..WAY more than they have to for their Small Business Health Insurance.  I’ve built my business from showing HR Directors, Controllers, CFOs, etc, that there IS a better way to administer their Employee Benefits.  There really can be a strategy for “bending the cost curve” in terms of Health Insurance for Small Business.  The strategy involves combining various types of insurance and basically “insuring” the deductible on the deductible type products.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we pride ourselves on taking a Risk Management approach to helping employer groups administer the Small Business Health Insurance.  It’s all about helping businesses “finance” their healthcare.

Brauer Insurance are specialists when it comes to Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for Small Businesses.  I like to compare it this way…..if you had heart trouble would you rather see a General Practitioner or a Specialist?  Now…what if they were both FREE??  Well, the Small Business Health Insurance is run the same way.  If you choose a broker that sells a bunch of different types of insurance or one that is a SPECIALIST, it costs the same.  I don’t do Life Insurance, Home, Auto, etc…..I ONLY do Health Insurance.  I’m an expert at ObamaCare and have been certified with the State of California for Consumer Driven Health Plans.

We ARE your Small Business Health Insurance experts….period.  Check out our YELP and Google reviews from some of our clients.

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