Kaiser Small Group Medical Benefits in San Jose, Santa Clara and Mountain View, CA

Kaiser Permanente in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Mountain View, CA has been one of the most popular health carriers for many, many years.  They are not only great with their clients, but they also have great rates compared to many other insurance carriers out there.

We like to put our employer-sponsored group plans on Kaiser because of the great coverage they give and also the great rates!  If you are an employer looking for inexpensive benefits for your employees, we suggest you have us check out Kaiser.

Kaiser in San Jose offers numerous different plans: HMO, HSA, and deductible HMO plans.  Often times these plans are just as inexpensive as the PPO plans, but their deductibles are much less.  If you have employees who want a PPO plan, but a few who would like to have Kaiser, that is also an option!  Those are called Kaiser wrap plans and they are very popular as well.  We have numerous groups who want the PPO option but then also the HMO option through Kaiser.

If you own a company in San Jose or Mountain View and are looking for someone to administer or help administer your employee benefits, we are the company for you!  We have helped over one hundred groups small and large to find the best benefits for their employees.  If you have any questions or are tired of sitting on the phone with the carriers, let us know!  We would love to help you figure out your employer benefits.

If you act quickly, Kaiser has some great rates in December before 2013.  These will lock you into a year rate and will keep you from the rate increase in January.  If you are highly considering health benefits for your employees, please give us a call! We are located in San Jose, CA.

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