Kaiser Group Insurance, Kaiser Health Insurance, Santa Clara, San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, CA

Kaiser insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune….it really doesn’t.  At Brauer Insurance Services, we can help your company strategize your Employee Benefits offering so that your employees are not only happy with their Kaiser Health Insurance but you are happy with the price.  We specialize in helping small and medium sized companies not only save money on plans, but strategize the whole Kaiser Employee Benefit offering.

Any idiot agent can throw plans at you and suggest you move to a cheaper plan to slow down the constant price increase, year after year.  It takes some thought to actually come up with a “workable strategy” to do something else.  I can show you on paper how our strategy works, and guarantee that I can save you money and offer you equal or better benefits…..its what we do.  Some companies offer Health Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in it!

At Brauer Insurance, we have built our business on NOT selling Long Term Care, Life Insurance, Home, Auto, Fire, etc….we ONLY do Health Insurance.  Think of it this way….if you had a heart problem and both a General Practitioner and Cardiologist were the SAME price to see, which advice would you take?  Oh yeah, by the way, our services are FREE….the commission is built into the premium, it’s the same price whether you go directly to Kaiser or use a broker that you trust.

When I started the business 10 years ago, I considered trying to be “all things to all people”, until I realized that Health Insurance is a niche industry…..there is NO WAY you can become an expert at Kaiser Employee Benefits and Kaiser Health Insurance AND try and be current on other lines of insurance.  There are just not enough hours in the day…..seriously!!

Brauer Insurance Services are EXPERTS at helping companies get the maximum benefit from your budget.  We also have some cool FREE services that I’m sure your current broker does NOT offer.  Go to our website and check them out…(excuse our current website, I’m having our website updated with more current info, with Health Reform compliance issues)

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC.  (408) 421-5555


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