PPO vs HMO Insurance in San Jose, CA

When trying to decide between PPO health insurance and HMO health insurance, it’s tough!  There are a lot of factors to weigh in on and this blog will help you determine which one will work better for you or your company in San Jose, CA.

In San Jose, CA there are SO many doctors.  There are hundreds of PPO doctors and hundreds of HMO doctors in San Jose, CA.  Let’s start with their differences and then work our way into what different people like about them.

PPO Health Insurance (San Jose, CA)
We’re located in San Jose, CA and have been here for many years.  We have seen the health insurance industry change so much over the years: some for the better, some for the worse.  PPO health insurance is great because it allows you to go to any kind of doctor you want at any time.  If they are contracted with your health insurance carrier, then you’re good to go!  If you have questions on who is contracted in your network, give us a call and we’ll be able to help you.  If you have a small group and have benefits through the company, then you should be able to call your broker and they can tell you that as well.

HMO Health Insurance (San Jose, CA)
If you are thinking about an HMO, they are great!  You have to be assigned a primary care physician (PCP) and then that person has to refer you to other doctors.  That’s the only thing that people really don’t like about an HMO.  However, a lot of HMO’s do not have deductibles (unless it’s a Kaiser plan, and then they might).  A lot of times you can get a great rate– right now the Health Net 50 is a GREAT plan because it has no deductible and is almost the same price as a bunch of other PPO plans out there that have super high deductibles!

Leave it to us to work out the details while you pick your doctors and worry about yourself and your family.  Let us do the hard work of health insurance!

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